How To Make A Treasure Map For A Pirate Party

OldTreasureMapIf you are having a pirate theme party at your home this Halloween and you are looking for instructions on how to make an authentic looking pirate map to decorate your wall with, then you have come to the right place! This is such an easy project to do, and really adds to the atmosphere of your party.

Here are the items you will need…

  • White construction paper
  • Tea bags
  • Colored markers
  • Lighter (to char the edges of the map a little)
  • Large cookie sheet (or bathtub, if you are making an extra large pirate map)
  • Blow Dryer
  • Cooking Oil
  • Paper Towels

First of all, you are going to “age” the paper. If you are making a small size map then you will need a large cookie sheet filled with cold tea solution. If you are making an extra large size you will need to fill the bottom of a bathtub with some cold tea.

Dip the paper in the tea for about 5 minutes. Then flip and leave it in there for about 1 more minute. At this time, when the paper is wet and pliable, carefully tear and fray the edges a little, this helps to make it look more like an authentic pirate map.

PirateMapThen remove the paper from the tea and gently crumple it up a little and then lay it out more or less flat and allow it to dry.

If you are in a hurry, then you can speed up this process by using a blow dryer.

Blow dry on high for about 5 minutes (leave it lying flat to prevent it from tearing or breaking). When it’s mostly dry (and starts to lift up a bit) then switch the blow dryer to low setting to finish it off (about another 2 minutes).

When it is completely dry. then lightly char the edges with a lighter. This adds a really authentic touch. If you don’t feel comfortable using a lighter, then as an alternative you can use cinnamon powder. Just sprinkle a little over the torn edges and rub it in a bit. It will colour the wrinkles and torn edges more than the actual surface of the paper, and will also give it an old an authentic appearance.

Now it’s time to draw your map. Take some markers and just get creative. I have included on this page some pictures of finished pirate treasure maps to help give you some inspiration. Some suggestions to add are…landmarks like mountains, ponds, beaches, lakes, forests, palm trees. You could also add shark fins in the water, waterfalls, large rocks, jungles, caves, trees, rivers, and of course a compass rose and a big X to mark where the treasure is!

CompassPointNow wipe both sides with a small amount of cooking oil. Finally, blot off the excess with paper towels – this will make it will look and feel like genuine parchment!

That’s it, that’s all it takes to make a really authentic treasure map that you can be proud to display at your pirate party!

All you need to do now is decorate the rest of your home with other pirate decor like a Jolly Roger flag, gold coins, a treasure chest, etc and dress up as a pirate!

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